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Do You Qualify For A Fresh Start Through Expungement?

Do you fear or suspect that records of your arrest, criminal charges or conviction will continue to weigh you down in life? Are criminal records keeping you from jobs, financing or other life goals? What if you could start over? Expungement may offer you that opportunity.

SDS Family Law Group is a valuable resource for Pennsylvania residents hoping to wipe the slate clean if at all possible. We believe along with you that your youthful indiscretions or unfortunate turns of event should not be permanent obstacles in your way. With more than 35 combined years of experience, we are proud of our commitment to provide legal counsel tailored to clients’ individual needs. Let us evaluate your case and explain how we can help you pursue expungement if you are qualified.

The Fine Print

The issue in your mind is likely quite clear and simple: You want your record cleared from any unnecessary detriments to your life’s goals. Your reputation does not need to be permanently tarnished when expungement is an option for you. An experienced criminal defense lawyer from our firm can help you pursue:

  • An expungement after successfully completing an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program

  • Expungement of a summary offense at least five years in the past (one step lower than a misdemeanor)

  • Expungement of records of a misdemeanor at least 10 years in the past

  • Limited access sealing your records from public view


Unfortunately, felony charges and convictions cannot be expunged. However, a frank conversation with an experienced defense lawyer can keep you up to date on the best ways to mitigate such records that you may have.

Why Delay? Get A Case Evaluation Now.

Even if expungement is just a “maybe” proposition in your mind at this point, you owe it to yourself to know all that you can know about how to improve your prospects for the future. Or, you may have a more pressing need for an expungement if it is attainable for you. Whatever your concerns and position, SDS Family Law Group can be your trusted advocate. We tailor our legal services to individual clients’ unique needs. Learn how we can do this for you by calling 570-820-9800 or completing the online form below.

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