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Grandparent's Rights

Grandparents Can Obtain
Custody And Visitation Rights

In Pennsylvania, it can be difficult for grandparents to assert their visitation and custody rights. Recent revisions to the law have put a number of restrictions on grandparents' ability to formally care for their grandchildren.

Nevertheless, obtaining such rights is possible, and the attorneys at SDS Family Law Group can help establish them. We have served clients in Forty Fort and the surrounding region for nearly 40 years. In this time, we have been devoted exclusively to family law matters. We understand the legal steps that must be taken to secure grandparents' rights and offer experienced counsel as we guide our clients through the process.

How To Assert Your Interests

Above all else, grandparents must be able to prove that obtaining custody or visitation rights is in their grandchild(ren)'s best interest. When making a determination, the courts take several factors into consideration, including:

  • The child's preferences

  • The strength of the standing grandparent-grandchild relationship

  • The potential effects of custody on the child's intellectual and emotional development

  • The child's general well-being


We work closely with our clients, taking care to understand their particular family situation. Drawing on our experience, we can advocate strongly for grandparents in front of family court judges.

Legal Support In Crucial Moments

If your grandchild needs better care, you may feel compelled to provide it. It is in precisely such situations that our firm seeks to help. To see how we can be of service or if you would simply like to speak with a lawyer, reach out to us. You can call our office at 570-820-9800 or arrange an appointment online via the form below.

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